February in memoriam

The Catenian Association

Wakefield (82) West Riding Circle
During the month of February we commemorate the anniversaries of the deaths of deceased brothers of Province 3 South.

We remember them in our prayers as listed below.

1919 Arthur CONROY Sheffield
1919 William HAUGH Sheffield
1926 Francis ATKINSON Sheffield
1931 Richard CHAPPLE Doncaster
1942 Thomas DIRNAN Sheffield
1944 Colin BLACK Doncaster
1947 Archibald Joseph DIGNAM Sheffield
1949 George HERON Sheffield
1950 Walter KITSON Wakefield West Riding
1951 Richard DUNN Doncaster
1969 Bernard MORRIS Sheffield
1969 Jack SLOWEY Wakefield West Riding
1972 William EDISON Sheffield
1973 John PLATTEN Sheffield
1974 Frank BOLAND Doncaster
1977 John WORDEN Doncaster
1979 Benjamin O’REILLY Doncaster
1981 John BARNES Doncaster
1984 Cyril WAREY Wakefield West Riding
1988 Viv WESTWOOD Barnsley
1994 Bill (William) SHEEHAN Sheffield
1994 Pat SMITH Sheffield
1995 Martin CAWLEY Doncaster
1995 Frank MYERS Wakefield West Riding
2009 David KIRKPATRICK City of Lincoln

May they rest in peace