Calendar of Events

13th Jan Thur Circle Meeting – St Pierre 7:30
18th Jan Tues Joint Council Meeting with Barnsley (to be confirmed)
14th Feb Mon Rex Kirk Quiz (Wakefield) at Barnsley 7:30
14th Mar Mon Barnsley Circle Meeting & Final of Rex Kirk Quiz

January in Memoriam

During the month of January we commemorate the brothers of Province 3 South who’s anniversaries occur about this time:

1927 Leo (Leon Stanislaus) WALTON Wakefield West Riding
1933 E. WALSH Wakefield West Riding
1943 George John HEVINGHAM Sheffield
1945 James BRADLEY Doncaster
1946 Arthur Edward BALDWIN Sheffield
1946 Christopher CUNNINGHAM Doncaster
1948 John LAVELLE Doncaster
1949 Bernard James CARR Sheffield
1953 Laurence James GOGIN Doncaster
1958 Thomas MARRON Doncaster
1960 Henry BENNETT Doncaster
1967 Harold BURTON Sheffield
1968 Francis Philip ENRIGHT Sheffield
1974 Jack  FINNEGAN Sheffield & Sheffield Hallamshire
1977 Frank HOWITT Wakefield West Riding
1977 D.G.B. WRIGHT Scunthorpe & City of Lincoln
1985 Geoff CLARKE Wakefield West Riding
1986 Frank WOOTTON Sheffield
1992 Les (Leslie Theodore) BARFIELD Sheffield Hallamshire
1995 Michael MILLS Grimsby
1996 Michael WRAY Barnsley
2004 David PARKIN Sheffield Hallamshire
2005 Eddie JACKSON Scunthorpe
2008 Tony ROUSE Grimsby
2009 Donald  WHITNEY Barnsley
2011 Ray TRAVIS Wakefield West Riding
2013 John KEENAN Grimsby
2014 John COYNE City of Lincoln
2015 Wies MUSIAL Barnsley
2015 Margaret McARDLE Wakefield West Riding
2016 Gerry MOVERLEY Doncaster
2016 Michael McGARRY Grimsby
2018 Colin CROXALL Wakefield West Riding
2021 John ROWAN Sheffield Hallamshire
2021 Paul MORRIS Wakefield West Riding

December Calendar of Events

4th Dec Sat Annual Formal Dinner. St Pierre 19:00 for 19:30.
11th Dec Sat 19:00 Plus4 Briefing at Kings Croft
16th Dec Thurs Joint meeting with Barnsley. Shaw Lane 18:30
13th Jan 22 Thurs Circle Meeting. 19:30 St Pierre

December in Memoriam

During the month of December, we commemorate the anniversaries of the deaths of deceased brothers of Province 3 South – as listed below:

1930Thomas Cavill DURNANSheffield
1944Robert  MALLINDERSheffield
1947Leonard  WALKERDoncaster
1952John Anthony  McDONALDSheffield
1953Victor William  WOODSheffield
1954James  CAMPBELLDoncaster
1954John  GOULDSheffield
1958D.  McGRATHScunthorpe
1958Albert  SERMINSheffield
1961‘Gin’  WESTWOODWakefield West Riding
1967Leonard  BROWNScunthorpe
1979John  COSTELLOEDoncaster
1983Victor  READoncaster
1986Fred  MILLINGTONSheffield Hallamshire
1983James (James John)  HARGANSheffield
1988Dennis  CAREYWakefield West Riding
1994Gerald  ROGERSONBarnsley
1999Jack (John Leo)  JOYCEBarnsley
1999Brian  VOIGTDoncaster
2001Mike  LLEWELYNScunthorpe
2001David  SNOWDEN Barnsley
2002Gordon  BARWOODGrimsby
2005Hubert  BARBERWakefield West Riding
2005Peter  PRICEWakefield West Riding
2006Geoff  KELLYScunthorpe
2006John  SOWERBYBarnsley
2009John  FARRETSheffield
2009Jim  HETHERINGTONWakefield West Riding
2013Phil GRANTBarnsley
2013Dick SWALESSheffield
2014Roy DAVIESScunthorpe
2015Steve MARTINScunthorpe
2016John LYNCHGrimsby
2018Bernard KELLYSheffield Hallamshire
2019John CARROLLDoncaster
2020Peter WORRALLWakefield West Riding & Barnsley

November Calendar of Events

11th Nov Thurs Mass for deceased & meeting at St Pierre 7:00
22nd Nov Mon Plus4 Briefing at Kings Croft 7:00
4th Dec Sat Annual Christmas Dinner – St Pierre. Formal. 7:00 for 7:30

November in Memoriam

During the month of November, we commemorate the anniversaries of the deaths of the following deceased brothers of Province 3 South – as listed below:

1917 T.A. SHEAHANS Sheffield
1945 John Farmer MASON Sheffield
1953 Thomas SCRIVEN Doncaster
1956 Joe GILL Wakefield West Riding
1956 Jimmy WHITE Wakefield West Riding
1970 Patrick SLAVEN Doncaster
1971 Henry Charles MOLLOY Sheffield & Sheffield Hallamshire
1972 Gerry (Thomas Gerard)  GREANEY Sheffield Hallamshire
1973 Wilfred Henry HERRING Sheffield Hallamshire
1978 Philip AYLARD Sheffield
1979 Grosvenor WILDMAN Doncaster
1980 Tom CALLAGHAN Barnsley
1981 George SENKOWSKI Scunthorpe
1986 Walter TOWNSEND Wakefield West Riding
1994 Eddie ACKROYD Doncaster
1995 Frank WILSON Sheffield Hallamshire
1997 Michael Owen TASKER Sheffield Hallamshire
2000 John BODY Sheffield
2001 Kevin McCARTHY Doncaster
2001 Joe (Patrick Joseph) MORONEY Sheffield & Barnsley
2003 Arthur MORAN Wakefield West Riding
2003 Leo HORRAX Sheffield
2011 Sam WREST Barnsley
2012 Thomas DISKEN Wakefield West Riding
2013 Chris WILSON Sheffield Hallamshire
2016 George PALEJOWSKI Grimsby
2020 Tony BROOKES Doncaster & Scunthorpe

Social Events

11th Oct Mon Barnsley Chop & meeting
21st Oct Thurs Joint meeting with Barnsley at Shaw Lane
20th Oct Wed Luncheon Club
11th Nov Thurs Mass for deceased & meeting at Kings Croft 7:00
22nd Nov Mon Plus4 Briefing at Kings Croft 7:00
4th Dec Sat Annual Christmas Lunch – St Pierre. Formal.

October in Memoriam

During the month of October we commemorate the deaths of the following brothers of Province 3 South who’s anniversaries are around this time:

1918 Charles THORPE Sheffield
1920 F.J. WHELAN Sheffield
1946 Charles FRYER Wakefield West Riding
1949 Herbert MARTIN Doncaster
1951 William FIELDING Doncaster
1955 Charles James MacDONALD Sheffield
1958 Leo DAVENPORT Wakefield West Riding
1958 John Edwin SPURR Wakefield West Riding
1964 Frank PRENDERGAST Barnsley
1965 William (William Augustus) HARRIS Sheffield
1968 Tom DODD Wakefield West Riding
1969 James LODGE Sheffield
1977 Ted THYSSEN-DRAKES Grimsby
1980 Angus Graham MACKAY Scunthorpe
1980 Arthur QUINN Wakefield West Riding
1982 A.J. BEARDSMORE Scunthorpe
1982 Fred CAMPBELL Sheffield
1984 Henry MOORE Sheffield
1987 Albert PRAKEL Doncaster
1988 Michael BALDWIN Sheffield
1989 George NELSON Wakefield West Riding
1990 Mauarice MULLINS Doncaster
1996 Tom HOLMES Barnsley
1997 Dennis McFEELY Barnsley
2002 Daniel BURR Sheffield Hallamshire
2003 George JONES Sheffield Hallamshire
2003 John BRAILSFORD Barnsley
2003 George JONES Sheffield Hallamshire
2014 Frank NEAL Sheffield Hallamshire
2019 Ken WARD Doncaster
2020 Ian William PRIOR Doncaster

September Social Events

9th Sep Thu Meeting & Ladies Night – St Pierre
18th Sep Sat Provincial Summer Ball at Bridge Inn, Walshford
23rd Sep Thu Wakefield in Rex Kirk Quiz at York
4th Dec Sat Annual Christmas Lunch – St Pierre

September in Memoriam

Wakefield (82) West Riding Circle
During the month of September we commemorate the anniversaries of the deaths of deceased brothers of Province 3 South – as listed below

1916 Patrick Joseph BENSON Sheffield
1933 Philip WALE Sheffield
1937 John Henry TAYLOR Wakefield West Riding
1938 Edward HAYES Doncaster
1952 Michael (Michael Joseph) GLEESON Sheffield
1954 Joseph GARDNER Sheffield
1968 Taigh BIRD Barnsley
1971 Michael FREEMAN Wakefield West Riding
1977 Albert SMITH Wakefield West Riding
1978 Les (John Leslie) WHITEHEAD Wakefield West Riding
1988 Stanley PENNINGTON Doncaster
1991 Bill HOLDSWORTH City of Lincoln
1996 John GRANTHAM Barnsley
2000 Peter McGRAYNOR Barnsley
2003 Jim CAMPBELL Sheffield
2007 Dominic McCLAFFERTY City of Lincoln
2009 Vincent HEALY Wakefield West Riding
2018 John GALVIN Barnsley
2020 David LISLE Scunthorpe
2020 John LYONS Scunthorpe