April Calendar of Events

8th April Thurs 7:30 Circle Meeting via Zoom. Contact brother Secretary for link.
20th April Tues 7:30 Council Meeting.

April in Memoriam

During the month of April we remember the following brothers of Province 3 South who’s anniversaries occur at about this time:

1918 Charles CARRINGTON Sheffield
1941 Andrew CLARKE Doncaster
1943 Edward HEMINGWAY Wakefield West Riding
1949 John Patrick CLARE Sheffield
1957 Henry BAGGS Sheffield
1958 Ned PARKINSON Wakefield West Riding
1961 Patrick John FLOWITT Doncaster
1966 Arthur BEECROFT Barnsley
1966 Joseph Barnard JARVIS Sheffield
1968 Benjamin Thomas WEST Sheffield
1974 Gerald BARRACLOUGH Barnsley
1977 Frank CHAMBERS Barnsley
1977 Len  MILLS Doncaster
1985 Wilf CROOK Wakefield West Riding
1991 Bill HUSSEY Sheffield
1991 George ROWE Doncaster
1992 Norman HILL Doncaster
1994 George CANTY Sheffield Hallamshire
1995 Frank HOBSON Sheffield
1996 Horace CAWLEY Sheffield
1996 Frank FINNEGAN Sheffield
1996 Michael GAVIN Sheffield
1999 Trevor Nelson PEARSON Wakefield & Barnsley
2000 Cyril LYNCH Wakefield West Riding
2012 Cliff BELLWOOD Wakefield West Riding
2020 Les NAILE City of Lincoln

Calendar of Events

11th March Thurs 7:30 Circle Meeting via Zoom.
Contact brother Secretary for link.
16th March Tues 7:30 Council Meeting.

March in Memoriam

During the month of March, we commemorate the anniversaries of the deaths of deceased brothers of Province 3 South – as listed belo

1931 John PSRDON Sheffield
1940 Martin HAGAN Doncaster
1949 J. MARTIN Wakefield West Riding
1956 Victor NEVILLE Sheffield
1957 Benjamin BROOKES Wakefield West Riding
1957 Frederick WILLIAMS Sheffield
1968 Rudi BURKE Barnsley
1969 Jack WILSON Sheffield
1971 Cyril PINTO Wakefield West Riding
1973 George (George Vincent) MALLINDER Sheffield
1979 Albert RAYNER Wakefield West Riding
1984 Czes (Czes Michael)STOCH Sheffield
1986 Michael Henry CLYNE Scunthorpe
1987 Matt (Mathias) KIELTY Wakefield West Riding
1990 Edmund James MAGIL Sheffield Hallamshire
1990 Gerard SMITH Doncaster
1994 Pat SMITH Sheffield
1997 Tom MAGUIRE Grimsby
2000 Pat COEN Sheffield & Barnsley
2002 Ray MACK Grimsby
2004 Charles WHITE Barnsley
2006 Bernard LANGLEY Sheffield
2010 Bob (Robert) WALKER Wakefield West Riding
2013 John GARRY City of Lincoln
2016 Tom (Thomas) ELLISON Wakefield West Riding
2016 Tom (Thomas) MADDISON Wakefield West Riding

February Calendar of Events

3rd Feb Wed 7:00 Provincial Quarterly Mass
via YouTube from Grimsby. Followed by Zoom meeting.
11th Feb Mon 7:30 Circle Meeting via Zoom.
Followed by quiz. Contact brother Secretary for link.

February in Memoriam

During the month of February, we commemorate the anniversaries of the deaths of deceased brothers of Province 3 South – as listed below

1919 Arthur CONROY Sheffield
1919 William HAUGH Sheffield
1926 Francis ATKINSON Sheffield
1931 Richard CHAPPLE Doncaster
1942 Thomas DIRNAN Sheffield
1944 Colin BLACK Doncaster
1947 Archibald Joseph DIGNAM Sheffield
1949 George HERON Sheffield
1950 Walter KITSON Wakefield West Riding
1951 Richard DUNN Doncaster
1969 Bernard MORRIS Sheffield
1969 Jack SLOWEY Wakefield West Riding
1972 William EDISON Sheffield
1973 John PLATTEN Sheffield
1974 Frank BOLAND Doncaster
1977 John WORDEN Doncaster
1979 Benjamin O’REILLY Doncaster
1981 John BARNES Doncaster
1984 Cyril VAREY Wakefield West Riding
1988 Viv WESTWOOD Barnsley
1994 Bill (William) SHEEHAN Sheffield
1994 Pat SMITH Sheffield
1995 Martin CAWLEY Doncaster
1995 Frank MYERS Wakefield West Riding
2009 David KIRKPATRICK City of Lincoln
2014 Mike BOWMAN Wakefield West Riding
2014 David MACDONALD Wakefield West Riding
2018 Paul HEMINGWAY Scunthorpe
2020 Antoine (Tony) D’CHASE Wakefield West Riding

January Calendar of Events

14th Jan Thurs 7:30 Circle meeting via Zoom.
Contact secretary for link.

January in Memoriam

During the month of January we commemorate the brothers of Province 3 South who’s anniversaries occur about this time:

1927 Leo (Leon Stanislaus) WALTON Wakefield West Riding
1933 E. WALSH Wakefield West Riding
1943 George John HEVINGHAM Sheffield
1945 James BRADLEY Doncaster
1946 Arthur Edward BALDWIN Sheffield
1946 Christopher CUNNINGHAM Doncaster
1948 John LAVELLE Doncaster
1949 Bernard James CARR Sheffield
1953 Laurence James GOGIN Doncaster
1958 Thomas MARRON Doncaster
1960 Henry BENNETT Doncaster
1967 Harold BURTON Sheffield
1968 Francis Philip ENRIGHT Sheffield
1974 Jack  FINNEGAN Sheffield & Sheffield Hallamshire
1977 Frank HOWITT Wakefield West Riding
1977 D.G.B. WRIGHT Scunthorpe & City of Lincoln
1985 Geoff CLARKE Wakefield West Riding
1986 Frank WOOTTON Sheffield
1992 Les (Leslie Theodore) BARFIELD Sheffield Hallamshire
1995 Michael MILLS Grimsby
1996 Michael WRAY Barnsley
2004 David PARKIN Sheffield Hallamshire
2005 Eddie JACKSON Scunthorpe
2008 Tony ROUSE Grimsby
2009 Donald  WHITNEY Barnsley
2011 Ray TRAVIS Wakefield West Riding
2013 John KEENAN Grimsby
2014 John COYNE City of Lincoln
2015 Wies MUSIAL Barnsley
2015 Margaret McARDLE Wakefield West Riding
2016 Gerry MOVERLEY Doncaster
2016 Michael McGARRY Grimsby
2018 Colin CROXALL Wakefield West Riding
2020 Antoine (Tony) D’CHASE Wakefield West Riding

December in Memoriam

During the month of December, we commemorate the anniversaries of the deaths of deceased brothers of Province 3 South – as listed below

1930 Thomas Cavill DURNAN Sheffield
1944 Robert  MALLINDER Sheffield
1947 Leonard  WALKER Doncaster
1952 John Anthony  McDONALD Sheffield
1953 Victor William  WOOD Sheffield
1954 James  CAMPBELL Doncaster
1954 John  GOULD Sheffield
1958 D.  McGRATH Scunthorpe
1958 Albert  SERMIN Sheffield
1961 ‘Gin’  WESTWOOD Wakefield West Riding
1967 Leonard  BROWN Scunthorpe
1979 John  COSTELLOE Doncaster
1983 Victor  REA Doncaster
1986 Fred  MILLINGTON Sheffield Hallamshire
1983 James (James John)  HARGAN Sheffield
1988 Dennis  CAREY Wakefield West Riding
1994 Gerald  ROGERSON Barnsley
1999 Jack (John Leo)  JOYCE Barnsley
1999 Brian  VOIGT Doncaster
2001 Mike  LLEWELYN Scunthorpe
2001 David  SNOWDEN Barnsley
2002 Gordon  BARWOOD Grimsby
2005 Hubert  BARBER Wakefield West Riding
2005 Peter  PRICE Wakefield West Riding
2006 Geoff  KELLY Scunthorpe
2006 John  SOWERBY Barnsley
2009 John  FARRET Sheffield
2009 Jim  HETHERINGTON Wakefield West Riding
2013 Phil GRANT Barnsley
2013 Dick SWALES Sheffield
2014 Roy DAVIES Scunthorpe
2015 Steve MARTIN Scunthorpe
2016 John LYNCH Grimsby
2018 Bernard KELLY Sheffield Hallamshire
2019 John CARROLL Doncaster