Month: August 2021

August Calendar of Events

12th Aug Thu 7:30 Circle Meeting at St Pierre with dinner
23rd Aug Mon 7:30 Council Meeting
20th Aug Fri 12:00 Mass at Fountains Abbey
22nd Aug Sun 1:00 Sunday Lunch at St Pierre
29th Aug Sun 1:00 Mass and picnic at Hinsley Hall
18th Sep Sat Provincial Summer Ball at Bridge Inn, Walshford


August in memoriam

1933 James George MYLAN Sheffield
1946 Thomas McDONALD Sheffield
1949 William PROUT Wakefield West Riding
1960 Vincent HUGHES Sheffield
1962 Alan SHARPLES Doncaster
1976 H. STAMP Scunthorpe
1985 Stanley BARCLAY City of Lincoln
1985 Arthur (Arthur Bernard) CARR Sheffield
1987 Fred PIERONI Scunthorpe
1989 Gerry RAY Wakefield West Riding
1992 Harry CLARKE Wakefield West Riding
1993 James McCARTHY Sheffield
2001 Terry McLOUGHLIN Scunthorpe
2006 David McCALL Sheffield
2007 Geoff HANBY Barnsley & Doncaster
2013 George KNUDSEN Scunthorpe
2016 Brian BARFIELD Grimsby
2020 Pat (Patrick) RYAN Barnsley
2020 David LISLE Scunthorpe