2012 Phil Wholley Trophy – Wakefield Victory again!

Phil Wholley Snooker Tournament Report (formerly Bob Jowett Tournament)

5th March 2012.

7 teams entered the tournament held at the Bradford club after the monthly meeting of our Bradford Brothers.

The draw for the tournament took place and the surprise match was between the 2 teams from Wakefield in the first round meaning that only one of the Wakefield teams could progress to the semi finals. So David Taylor and Martin Dearnley began their match with Malcolm Kyle and Andy Lowrey which was limited to 10 red balls and a maximum of 15 minutes in the first round.

Malcolm broke in the game and a canny safety game was played by both teams until an unfortunate double kiss of a red ball allowed Malcolm to open the scoring. The final score was 28 to 9 and Malcolm and Andy progressed into the semi finals where they were to meet the team from Leeds 3.

In the semi finals there were still only 10 red balls to go for, but this time there was no time limit. Andy broke to begin the game and was to later open the score with a single well taken red. The game and the scores proceeded steadily until, with the scores at 32 to 5 in favour of the Wakefield team, Malcolm took a gamble and potted a long yellow leaving the Leeds team needing snookers. At this point under the rules applying the Leeds team were forced to concede the frame. Andy and Malcolm then moved forward to the final.

The Wakefield team again broke in the final, which was one full frame of snooker with no time limit, against the team from Wetherby with Andy quickly sinking the first red ball, the team then continued to apply pressure to the Wetherby team playing some excellent safety shots and taking advantage of their opponents’ mistakes. Wakefield racked up the points and Malcolm finished the game with a late flurry clearing the green, blue and brown balls in one final break. The opposition conceded the frame with the final score standing at 60 points to 14 in Wakefield’s favour.

The trophy was presented to Malcolm and Andy by the President of the Bradford Catenian Circle. Congratulations to the winning team who played consistently well throughout the evening. Deserved thanks also go to our Brothers in Bradford who organised this thoroughly enjoyable evening.    

Bradford President Ben Cowell presenting the trophy to Malcolm Kyle & Andy Lowery.