Month: March 2011

Bob Jowett Snooker – Wakefield victory!

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Snooker Tournament

On Monday the 7th of March Malcolm Kyle, Martin Dearnley and 10 Wakefield (82) supporters made their way to the Bradford Club to defend their 2 year winning record in the Bob Jowett Province 3 Snooker Trophy.
Following the 1100th meeting of the Bradford Circle and an excellent supper the Snooker got underway.

Ten teams took part from all over the Province including 4 teams from Bradford. As a result of the draw the Wakefield team went straight to the quarter finals where they met the Huddersfield team of Dennis Donnelly and Mike Crosby. The match was limited to 15 minutes at the end of which the Wakefield team won by 42 points to 16.

In the Semi Finals Peter Mason and Chris Anderson from Bradford 3 took on Martin and Malcolm. This proved to be one of the most hotly fought frames of the night, at the end there were thirteen points on the table and the Wakefield team were thirteen points in front. Bradford simply had to take the pink and the black to tie the match. Bradford took the pink and sadly missed the black; Martin came to the table and potted the black to secure a place in the final.

Leeds 3 had fought through their half of the draw and Kevin Wheelan and Peter Dawson met Malcolm and Martin in the final. The game got off to a slow start with much safety play from both teams, the scores rose slowly and there was little to choose between the two teams. Malcolm came to the table and saw an opportunity, when he finished his break of thirty one the Wakefield team had opened up an unassailable lead and the match was effectively over. The final score was 84 points to 23.

Congratulations are due to the team, this is the third year in a row that Martin and Malcolm have won the trophy. Thanks are due to the Bradford Circle who organised this memorable evening and we look forward to the next tournament.

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Wakefield Circle welcomes Andy Lowery


Bro. President Terry Mulready(left) & Bro. Membership Officer Tony Deighton(right) welcome new member of Wakefield W.R. (82) Circle, Andy Lowery, on 10th March 2011.